Hastate Design is a planting design specialist.

We offer tailored planting designs, which follow the “right plant, right place” principle. This requires us to start by understanding the garden and its environment before we propose any planting.

Our strap line: gardens gently edited, captures our design approach for existing gardens, meaning we gradually introduce new plants and gently edit what is already present. We believe that it is possible to create wonderful gardens spaces, without the need for invasive/brutal remodelling of the site.

We mainly work with perennial plants. This is because of their longevity and their changing appearance over the seasons, which makes the gardens we design interesting all year round.

Our strong horticultural background allows us to create well researched planting schemes. In addition, we also make our design process unique by presenting our clients with beautiful sketches, handmade collages and visuals, which give sense of how the planting will evolve with time. Here we combine our unique knowledge of plants with artistic sensitivity.

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