I’m Ross and I have been bringing gardens to life for over 15 years. I can share my experience with you so that you can have a garden that is beautiful, vibrant, productive and full of life. I will help you change your relationship with your garden from a place of overwhelm to one of joyful engagement.

I set up Abundant Gardens after reading that if all the gardens in the UK were put together it would cover an area greater than all national nature reserves combined. That means our gardens are filled with potential. My aim is to see as many gardens supporting as much wildlife as possible.

Add your garden to the growing patchwork of gardens doing just that! I offer consistent, seasonal, year round support. I have a number of different services to help you, from my Abundant Gardens Consultation to maintenance and courses.

  • Organic Gardener
  • Wildlife Garden Consultations
  • Wildlife Garden Maintenance
  • Wildlife Gardening
  • Wildlife Ponds