Why Elmtree Gardening is a little bit different.

# Perhaps most importantly, like all gardeners, we love what we do! Gardening is a long-time passion that is reflected in our work, which you can see on our Facebook page and on the website at: elmtreegardening.co.uk
You can also see quite a few photos of the various beds and areas at Elmtree Cottage on our Facebook Page, which you are invited to follow!

# We specialise in large, challenging and hard to manage gardens and have the necessary equipment to do this. It is only the really big equipment we ever have to hire, which saves our customers time and money.

# Our aim is to provide what we call ‘transformative gardening’. We like to make a long term difference to a garden that will lift the spirits, bring a sense of peace and calm in a mad world and, at the same time, develop ecological diversity so your garden becomes an oasis for wildlife and for yourself!

# Another key element in our work is that we always aim to reduce the amount of maintenance your garden will require, whilst, at the same time, creating the maximum interest, beauty and variety within it.

# Currently many of our customers work in their gardens alongside side us, when they are able, for at least part of the time. We feel this is really valuable in getting to know them and their gardens and discussing all the different ideas and possibilities that their gardens offer. It is also a great way to pick up gardening tips and learn new skills and approaches.

# All customers have direct access to myself at Elmtree Gardening to further discuss ideas/plans and to pass on photos, queries and help/advice if needed, outside actual visits.

# Encouraging wildlife is always high on our list of things to do in any garden. One of our specialisms is creating wildlife ponds and surrounding areas. Developing wildflower areas and increasing the variety of plants attractive to pollinators…and people!

# We are great fans of plant swaps between our customers and facilitate this as a free service….yes, even the really big plants or even other garden items! We appreciate gardens can be expensive, hence we will always look at all possible options and help customers find the most cost-effective approach for them.

# A large amount of the plants we provide come from our own nursery. This enables us to be completely sure of the quality of the plants and to pass on great cost savings compared with garden centre prices. Our range is continually widening and we are never afraid to try something new! This week, Chocolate Cosmos! And yes, it really does smell like chocolate!

# Where ever possible we will re-use and recycle materials and plants, saving the customer money but also as a part of an environmentally aware approach in all we do.

# Elmtree Gardening makes use of professional electric garden tools where possible, meaning we can work more safely, quietly and whilst creating less pollution.

# One-off jobs. As a rule we do not provide this service unless there are particularly compelling reasons. This is largely due to the way we like to work – as can be seen above! However, in the case of emergencies like flooding or unsafe fallen trees, we will make ourselves available if possible.

# The Elmtree gardening team are a talented and creative team who are much appreciated by our customers and by me! Experienced, friendly, approachable and well mannered. They will go out of their way to be helpful – even if the request is not garden related!

Do get in touch if you would like to discuss using our services.

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