My business is centered around a love for the wild, nature, the outdoors – for people, animals and the planet. I am a passionate gardener who loves wildlife and want to encourage and empower you to grow your own fruit and vegetables. I gardened in various roles in New Zealand for over 5 years including organic market gardening – growing food for our local community, landscaping and many volunteering roles in an organic setting.

Wildlife friendly to me means diverse, rich ecosystems and growing in a way which creates balance, abundance and good health.

Services include:
Edible Garden Design
Wildlife Garden Design
Fruit tree management - pruning and maintenance
Regular and One-off garden maintenance
Maintenance planning for you to maintain your own garden

Have a look at my website for more info and get in touch if you have any questions.

  • Organic Gardener
  • Other
  • Soft Landscaping
  • Wildlife Garden Design
  • Wildlife Garden Maintenance