Nice to meet you, we are the Wild Gardeners.

We are habitat based wildlife gardeners in Bristol who take pride in creating gardens that are a joy to both you and to local wildlife.

The two of us were friends long before becoming the Wild Gardeners, and have been involved in sustainability and conservation for over 20 years. We also have years of experience in project management and delivery, at one point in our careers, delivering high value projects on a global basis. The combination of these two worlds is what inspired us to start My Wild Garden a couple of years ago, combining our knowledge of the natural world, design and documentation to create green corridors and oases as a part of homes in the UK.

Our approach is that we are not pushy and make sure that we communicate clearly on all aspects of the project. Your garden is an extension of your home, and for that reason we want you to love spending time in it.

Our attitude is friendly, we love meeting your pets, and are very happy to share as many gardening tips as you would like while we install or update your garden.

Our mission is to break the myth that a wildlife garden is messy and unruly. That’s really not the case at all. The design of your garden can follow some of the habitat descriptions on our website, or be completely unique. Design and layout is where we can make a real difference to how you feel about your space.

We have access to a huge range of plants and if we were to plant 80% wildlife friendly species and 20% of plants you just love, that could still be 100% more green in your space. We love wildlife, and we also love a nice garden.

We generally operate in the Bristol area, but have gone further afield for projects that we have availability for, or just are excited by. Our services range from full garden redesigns to smaller updates or a single area of habitat installation – all listed out on our website. We also provide services to city, community and corporate green spaces or courtyards.

Finally, we can provide all of the care advice and wildlife benefits of your garden, we aim to leave you feeling confident in looking after your garden so that it thrives year after year.

Drop us an email via the contact page, or email us on

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