Nectar Gardens: Ecological Garden Design and Maintenance in South West London and Surrey

At Nectar Gardens, we are qualified horticulturists and garden designers with a passion for wildlife and a holistic approach to managing urban gardens. Our mission is to create vibrant, biodiverse spaces that thrive as whole ecosystems, benefiting both nature and our clients.

Our Philosophy

No Toxic Chemicals: We believe in maintaining the purity of our gardens. We never use toxic chemicals or synthetic fertilizers. Instead, we prefer to hand weed, apply nemotodes, mulch for soil health and encourage natural preditors to help preserve the natural balance of the ecosystem.
Self-Curating Gardens: We encourage our clients to let their gardens ‘self-curate,’ allowing plants to grow and interact naturally, fostering a dynamic and resilient environment.
Wildlife Habitats: We love creating ponds and watching new life flourish. We build and install bird boxes, solitary bee homes, and plant hedgerows instead of fences, providing essential habitats for various species.
Nature-First Approach: We advocate for ‘naturescaping’ over traditional landscaping, working with nature rather than excessively paving over it. Our designs integrate seamlessly with the natural surroundings.
Sustainable Practices: Sustainability is important to our operations. We use only battery-operated machines when necessary and always strive to minimize our environmental footprint. Where hard landscaping is required we look for permeanble, lower carbon alternatives. Recycling materials where possible to reduce the carbon footprint of the design. We are no paragons of virtue, we accept, we still have work to do in this area.
Biodiversity: While we appreciate native plants, we recognize the importance of diversity. Inspired by the BUGS project, we include a variety of plants to attract bees, butterflies, and other pollinators, ensuring a rich and thriving ecosystem.

Our Services
Garden Design: From concept to creation, we design gardens that reflect your vision while enhancing biodiversity and ecological health.
Maintenance: Our eco-friendly maintenance practices ensure your garden remains a thriving ecosystem, with services tailored to your needs.
Wildlife Features: We relish an opportunity to create a pond, installing bird boxes, solitary bee homes, and planting hedgerows to support local wildlife.
Sustainable Solutions: We help with composting solutions and promote the use of non-invasive, wildlife-friendly plants.
Our Community
We love working with like-minded individuals who care about the environment and can appreciate the beauty of a naturally thriving garden. Our clients understand that a few slugs and aphids are all part of a healthy ecosystem and embrace the presence of wildlife.

Why Choose Nectar Gardens?
Choosing Nectar Gardens means committing to a greener, more sustainable future. Our passion for wildlife and ecological gardening ensures that your garden will not only look beautiful but also contribute positively to the environment.

Join us in transforming urban spaces into thriving, biodiverse gardens. Contact Nectar Gardens today and let’s grow together, for the benefit of nature and the joy of gardening.

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