Your garden can be beautiful and productive, diverse and well looked after.
We maintain gardens using organic gardening principles and design with wildlife, pleasure and seasons in mind.
Our gardens make up around a fifth of our urban space. These little green patches that are linked to other little green patches across the country are ours to nurture as a chain of biodiverse sanctuaries for ourselves and nature. Provide the right plants and habitats, care for the soil and your garden will soon be full of pollinators and other wildlife. Invite them and they will come!
Let’s fill your hanging baskets, planters and borders with nectar-rich, berry-laden, attractive plants.
Combining flowers, edibles, shrubs and trees, we create gardens with year-round interest, nutrition and joy for you.
With such busy lives we are becoming more and more out of touch with the soil, plants and nature. We’ll make your garden one that you will want to become more engaged with, be it relaxing, harvesting, playing or just sitting, looking and reconnecting with nature.

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