I have an HND in horticulture, am a member of the Chartered institute of Horticulture and a Consultant Member of the Gardener’s Guild.
Having worked in various aspects of the horticultural and landscape industries since 1989 I have increasingly become committed to environmental and wildlife friendly methods of working. These days I work mainly as a maintenance gardener, but with small landscape jobs as an aside.
I have a ‘no dig’ policy and don’t use pesticides, herbicides or artificial fertilisers. As much as possible I have a zero in and zero out policy to gardening – everything that can be recycled is recycled on site and as little as possible is brought in.
Personally I live a vegan lifestyle – I respect slugs, snails and greenflies to the same extent as foxes, deer and badgers. I believe all animals have a right to be in the garden and the garden must adapt to accommodate them – we are, after all, just fleeting curators of a landscape we are beholden to care for.

  • Wildlife Gardening