The Wildlife Gardeners is a small family run business in Cornwall that blends traditional garden care with a passion for preserving nature.

We take on your average maintenance jobs as well as creating wildlife areas like small ponds, wildflower patches, bird hedging and much more as well as offering wildlife boxes for bats, birds, hedgehogs and insects.

We can even offer you small surveys if you want to see what creatures you have in your garden! (Specialising in bat surveys).

We can make your garden beautiful whilst looking after our wonderful wildlife and even help your garden attract more beautiful creatures! We have staff with degrees in conservation biology and ecology who can help pick bespoke plant species and design wild areas to attract and support the wildlife you love.

  • Soft Landscaping
  • Wildlife Garden Consultations
  • Wildlife Garden Design
  • Wildlife Garden Maintenance
  • Wildlife Gardening
  • Wildlife Ponds