At Victoria Legge Garden Design I create beautiful gardens bespoke to the tastes and needs of each client. I can transform your garden whether a small courtyard or a large family garden, to be a space used for entertaining, relaxing, or time with the family. If you’re looking for garden or planting ideas, I can design, oversee the landscaping, plant and transform the space so you can enjoy all year round. We focus on using sustainable materials and landscaping practices to enhance your outside space to be a benefit to not only yourself but local biodiversity.

In many suburban gardens space is at a premium and with our designs we believe strongly that hard landscaping, such as paving, should kept to only what is necessary resulting in more area being available to be planted with pollinator friendly planting and habitats. Where space allows allows we also feel passionately that areas some areas should be left undisturbed to provide a refuge for wildlife which is much more beneficial when planned this way rather than an area which clearer periodically and the disturbance that brings. Wherever possible we incorporate water into a garden in a way that is accessible to wildlife and including aquatic planting to provide cover for animals.

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  • Wildlife Garden Design