We're Martin & Cheryl. Martin is an ecologist and Cheryl is a gardener and artist. We help people who want to make their gardens more wildlife friendly, by providing wildlife gardening design and maintenance services, as well as advice and construction, to those who want to increase biodiversity in their gardens or larger areas.
We design habitats and ecosystems, which maximise the value to wildlife and the number of species you might attract.
We can supply a wide range of native flowers, shrubs and trees as well as seeds, bulbs and wildflower meadow turf (as supplied to several winning gardens at shows such as Chelsea).
Wildlife Services is owned and run by Martin, an ecologist and biodiversity consultant who has over 50 years’ experience of habitats and wildlife and runs field trips to south-east Poland to see the 99% of biodiversity that’s been lost from the UK, most of it long before any of us were born.
We also supply a large range of wildlife-related equipment, books, nestboxes, etc. from our websites at www.wildlifeservices.co.uk and www.batdetectors.uk

  • Wildlife Friendly Landscaping
  • Wildlife Garden Consultations
  • Wildlife Garden Design
  • Wildlife Garden Maintenance
  • Wildlife Gardening
  • Wildlife Ponds